Giving something different a go.

This is my first blog post. Ever.

We’ve set a date. On May 1 I plan to quit my job. On June 1 Tyndall and I plan to leave our home and pedal away from Anchorage, (eventually) heading south towards Central and South America. While others have taken this leap before, for us it is uncharted territory. We want to explore a different way of life, live with less, and explore the edges of our comfort zones.

I plan to use this space to post stories and photos from our journey.


3 thoughts on “Giving something different a go.

  1. Am so excited for you both! Throughout time, certain humans have wanted to: see what was on the other side of the hill… the world really flat?…..Is there really another continent?…..What is happening to the Gorillas? Can we get this serum to Nome, to save lives? Who arrives first after a terrible natural disaster?…….adventurers! My father was a sailor (after he retired from Anesthesia he was a live aboard)…..I know the blood. GO! Enjoy! See!


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