On Leaving

We whittle our belongings down to the essentials and eat a last meal.


Friday we buy donuts for breakfast, make a few last minute adjustments, pack everything on the bikes and roll away.


Oh, just kidding.

Tyndall’s business sunglasses are still at the house. We return, get the sunglasses and try again.

Now we can leave. We meet friends for the ride out of town. Then, we’re on our own.

We pedal pedal pedal to Wasilla where we stay with friends for the night. Thanks for the hospitality and amazing food Keith and Leeann.

It’s hard to comprehend what it is we have set out to do, so, for now, we’re thinking in small bites. A ride to Wasilla. Another to Talkeetna. Going to Chickenstock. Each small bite leading to larger ones.


Midnight Denali sunset from Talkeenta


Weekend Play

Alaska is so beautiful in the spring time that Liz and I had to get out and enjoy the sun.  It hardly gets dark anymore and the past few days have been blue bird.  Liz got in a training ride this weekend by riding from Anchorage to the Hope cut off while I couldn’t resist some early season boating on Six Mile.

Dropping in on 17th Ender.

17th Ender, Six Mile

Predator Rapid from above.

Predator Rapid, Six Mile

Enjoying a lazy Sunday morning with friends.

Relaxing Sunday Morning

Liz will most likely be the photographer on this trip based on the quality of her photos. I’ll have to come up with something else to keep my mind busy on the long stretches ahead.