Denali to Fairbanks

We take the bus into Denali as far as we can, then start zipping downhill towards Wonder Lake. What’s that up ahead? A moose? No, bear. A brown bear ambles up the road in our direction. We stand our ground on the right side of the road and act big and scary. He passes on the left, peering up at us as he goes. No big deal.


We reach Wonder Lake and take a snooze. Later, we pedal back out of the park in the midnight sun.



We deviate from our original plan and head north to Fairbanks, instead of East to Paxson.


Usibelli coal train



Wind turbines north of Healy


We make it to Fairbanks.

Time to take care of some business and continue on to Tok.


3 thoughts on “Denali to Fairbanks

  1. Hey I’m the nephew of Charlie and Missy Aslund actually working just south of Denali at Carlo Creek Lodge. Shoot me an email if you need anything! Cheers!


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