Whitehorse to Haines by Bike and Boat

After three days in Whitehorse, we have sorted everything out. Tyndall has a new hub that works and doesn’t wobble.

We head south on the Klondike Highway, aiming for Carcross. It sounds like an interesting place and we want to check it out. A few days off the bike make the legs sluggish, but soon my pedals spin with relative ease.

Carcross has the smallest desert in the world, ice cream, small houses, a beach and singletrack.



We continue south to find a good camping spot for the night.

Rain showers, and a desire to catch a 2:00 pm ferry in Skagway have us on the road in the very early hours of the morning. We wind our way through White Pass to the Canada and US border. White Pass is stunning. The wind whips clouds by as I gaze at the view. This scenic vista might be the best I have seen in awhile, I think. The water is blue blue blue and the land is many shades of green.



Then, we’re going down. Cars pass us with burning brakes. I stop to put on layers. Rain drops pelt my face. Rigid fingers grip handlebars. I pass the train filled with warm, dry tourists and just keep on going.


A quick stop at US customs, and we’re back in Alaska. It’s hard to leave this state. We seem to keep finding our way back.

In Skagway the wind blows. It would be more productive to walk. We shovel down food, then inquire about ferry tickets. We have made it with an hour to spare.

In Haines, we search out Leah and Nick. We’ll be here for a few days.



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