Passing some time in Haines

It’s fun to spend more than a day in a place, getting to know all the nooks and crannies of it, rather than just passing through. With this in mind, we set aside five days to explore Haines and catch up with friends. We pitch our tent on Leah and Nick’s land, among skunk cabbages and big trees not far from town. Mornings, ravens make a racket in the trees, discussing serious business. It’s the perfect place for a home base.


Leah and Nick plan to build a yurt on their land. The yurt should go up in a day, but first there has to be a foundation and a platform.

Saturday comes and we’re all digging in the dirt.



Monday morning, concrete is poured.



Tuesday we bike out Mud Bay Road, finding small slices of beachside singletrack and raspberries along the way.



Tyndall wants to get a panoramic view of Haines and the surrounding land.

Wednesday we hike up, looking for a view. My legs are tuned for biking, and they protest when I ask them to climb.

The trail for Mt. Ripinsky goes steadily up. Tall skinny trees give way to short fat trees. Wildflowers bloom up high. We eat second breakfast at the summit before the wind chases us back down.



In town on our last day, we buy groceries for the ferry ride to Prince Rupert and mail a box of unwanted items home.

Heavy rain in the morning compels us to seek out a final cinnamon bun and Inside Time at the Rusty Compass.

We leave Alaska, not planning to come back for awhile.


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