The pavement keeps on giving

The train was supposed to arrive in Prince George at 8:30. Instead, we arrive at midnight. Something about congestion on the rails and not enough sidings for pulling over. I just read Atlas Shrugged, and this feels eerily reminiscent. I don’t mind the delay. It’s cool in the train and I have a good book to get lost in.

We stealth camp in a city park and wake early as trains rumble by.

Back on the road again, we keep pedaling. The pull towards Banff and dirt trail is strong.

We camp among an ancient forest, with 2000 year old trees.


In McBride we find cake and blueberries. Smoke fills the sky. I’m told there’s a fire in Jasper. We’re going there anyway.



Photo by Tyndall Ellis

We detour to Kinney Lake to sleep at the base of Mt. Robson, away from the cars and trains.



Jasper is busy and I try to make sense of it. Let’s get what we need and get out of town.

Three days of pedaling on the Icefields Parkway puts us in Banff, and at the start of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route.


Finally, dirt.


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