Finding our own way

Adventure Cycling’s Great Divide Mountain Bike Route connects dirt road and track from Banff to Mexico. We left the route to visit friends. It’s easy to get off route, but a bit more difficult to find the way back.

In the spirit of the Divide, we search for dirt road and trail to take us back to the route. Our first attempt was only that: an attempt. Our second is looking promising.

Fueled by cinnamon buns, we ride pavement south from Turner Valley. In Longview we wait out a thunderstorm. Evening light draws us on when the rain passes.


From 22 south we turn onto 532 west. Cows line the side of the dirt road and run in front of us. They aren’t sure what to make of a cyclist, I think.


We camp on the edge of a stand of aspen that are quaking in the wind. Aspen is one of my favorite trees.


Morning comes and we are drawn further up the valley. A man asks if we’re going up and over the top. I say yes. He says good luck.

Tyndall’s stopped up ahead and beckons to me. Up and around the corner there’s a whole herd of sheep.


Photo by Tyndall Ellis.

I reach the top and zip down into the wind. The foothills here are something else.


Dirt turns to gravel and then to pavement. We’re back on track, heading south again.


4 thoughts on “Finding our own way

  1. Yeahhhhh!! Thank you for checking in! LOVE the cows…and the herd of sheep. How fun that you were able to get so close to them. Beautiful pictures and narrative. It really brings your adventure close to us. Big Hugs!!


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