Charging System

I want to take a step back and talk about the charging system we are using in a little more detail. We got the initial idea to use a hub dynamo from Gypsy by Trade. As I ride down the road a set of magnets rotates around a coil in the front hub. As this happens, an alternating current is created with varying voltage depending on how fast I’m riding. There is just one problem. All of our electronics require direct current at a steady 5 volts.


This is where the Sinewave Revolution comes in. The dynamo is wired to the Revolution which converts the Alternating Current to Direct Current using solid state electronics. I’ve used velcro to secure the Revolution to the top of my frame bag to keep it dry and out of the way. I’ve also added a grommet to the front of the frame bag and run my wiring through it for a cleaner look.


Use a USB cord to connect any gadget that needs to be charged and start pedaling. Just remember to keep your speed up. Below a certain threshold the system doesn’t generate enough electricity for charging. This typically happens for one of two reasons. Yours truly has decided to tackle a vertical wall or a fierce head wind is beating me into submission. Otherwise I think the system works quite well delivering up to 1 Amp at 5 Volts.

I’m currently on my second dynamo as the bearings on the first one failed prematurely.  The manufacturer quickly sent a replacement under warranty. We worked it out so that the hub was sent to a bike shop ahead of us on our travels. Since then I’ve added a second dynamo to Liz’ bike and both have run for over 1000 miles now without any issues. Our new dynamo hubs are the PD-8 version. These are a little lighter than the PD-8X and recommended by the manufacturer if your bike doesn’t have a thru-axle.

Also, I don’t understand why the device is called a dynamo when it is really a magneto, but that’s just my problem.


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