Back in the US of A

Country roads lead us south from Fernie. We find a shady river bank and rest for awhile. Trains pass and people fish.

We camp on conservation land near Elko. A sign says to use at your own risk. Noted. The valley is narrow here and is shared by our road, the railroad and the highway. I wake up in the night, confused, as the trains echo through on their way to some place else.


It’s early afternoon and we’re waiting in line at the border. I’m hoping this border guard is friendlier than the last in Skagway. He asks what we’re bringing in from Canada. Tyndall says groceries. He asks about veggies and citrus. Tyndall says kale. He makes a face and says we can keep that.

The land is high and dry and I’m baking.

From Eureka, the trail goes toward the Flathead. I’m spinning in my granny gear, up Whitefish Divide. A stream provides an opportunity to cool off, and then it’s down the other side.




Another up and we are at Red Meadow Lakes, pitching our tent for the night.

In the morning it’s “all down hill” into Whitefish. There’s something wrong with my camera battery, so I’ve not taken many photos.

We detour to Kalispell and get lost in a maze of box stores.

Later, we ride a bike trail out of town and head for Marion to visit Danielle and her family.



4 thoughts on “Back in the US of A

  1. Yeah that you are back in USofA! I laughed @ the crossing guards face about you kale! Am sure the box stores in Kalispell were overwhelming. Beautiful pictures…though does appear you are on logging roads…lol. In one pic I saw dead trees…fire or beetle kill? It looks so beautiful…I love Montana! Thank you for sharing your stories. Pictures are fun too 🙂
    Enjoy your adventure


  2. We may have been in Kalispel when you were there. Passed sever bikers but had no idea you were even close. (I am a friend of Kathy’s and am really enjoying following your adventure.)

    Liked by 1 person

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