Pile on those Mashed Potatoes

The open spaces of Wyoming unfold before me. In tune with the landscape, my emotions do the same. Happiness, laughter, anxiety, tears.


I’ll blame a lack of appetite on the later two.


My first long mountain bike ride was Resurrection Pass. On that ride, a friend told me that he wavers between loving the trail, and hating the trail – all within minutes. Years later, I  begin to see his point.

Grapes, two apples, a yogurt and a hug from Carmella in Atlantic City help to restore the balance in my little universe.

I think of Jill Homer’s mantra, Be Brave, Be Strong. I think of Lael. I give Tyndall a fistbump and drop in, heading for the Basin.




We ride late, covering the miles between South Pass City and the A&M Reservoir in a day. The stars are out when we arrive at the reservoir.

In the night a noise wakes us. It’s a mouse, going for our candy bar wrappers. No bears here.

Another day, and we’re in Rawlins.


5 thoughts on “Pile on those Mashed Potatoes

  1. You are doing awesome! The pictures are so fascinatingly beautiful. I love openness, and hills (small ones…lol). I am imagining the depth of which you are able to see the stars where you are. Bet it is breathtaking!! No bears?! Fantastic!….. How long before you guys get a break? See any other animals? Cows/sheep?………you getting enough carbs?…….just checking! 🙂


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