Finding the trees through the Forest

We skeedaddle out of Rawlins in favor of Saratoga. Saratoga is not on the Divide route, but we have friends to meet.

We spend a day in Saratoga, soaking in hot springs and eating ice cream. Rain storms roll through all day, cooling things off and adding a little moisture to the air.


From Saratoga, our wheels point south, aiming for Colorado.


We head for the Rawahs, riding through pine forests, spending a night at 9,500′. Creeks run along side the road. It’s cool and damp once again. 

Tyndall and I met here eight years ago. At that time, he was wrangling horses and I was wrangling guests, doing seasonal work at the Rawah Guest Ranch. Friends Kevin and Karen still spend time in the Valley, and we meet them there.


We pass the time around the campfire, telling lies stories under a full moon. Trek the dog and horses Rio and Brasso can’t resist the heat of the fire, either.



After a couple days, Tyndall and I tear ourselves away. We are sad to leave.

We ride along the headwaters of the Colorado River near Hot Sulfur Springs, and continue south over Ute Pass. The pass climbs up through national forest, but I’ve never seen so many No Trespassing Industrial Area signs. Near the top is a huge mine and tailing pond. 



Some sturdy wildflowers still cling on , but yellow leaves dot the mountainsides. Fall is coming.



10 thoughts on “Finding the trees through the Forest

  1. What are those pipes for? I remember our good time with you at Rawah Ranch. Little did we know that you and Tyndall would get married and carry on with a trip like this.
    I miss you!


  2. Great photos, it’s so nice to see Rawah Ranch again. I remember Tyndall wanted a Carhartt jacket with “Head Wrangler” embroidered on it. He never got it, but it is probably the coolest title he could have in his working career.

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