Repairs on the Road

Have you had any issues? How are the bikes? We hear this a lot on the road. Below are a few items we have dealt with since leaving Alaska.

Front Hub – 500 miles into the trip my front hub started to make noise.  Another 100 miles later it began to wobble. We were in northern Alaska (Chicken) with no bike shops nearby so we orchestrated the delivery of a new hub (under warranty) to a bike shop in Whitehorse. This meant riding another 500 miles on the bad hub, wobble and all. Since then, I’ve put 3000 miles on the new hub without any issues.


Heat – Has been unbearable at times. Only solution is to find shade and a cold drink. Ride early.


Barrel Adjuster – These are used to adjust derailer tension. They can also be frustrating when a load is strapped to the handle bars causing the barrel adjusters to rub against each other. I’ve had one fully tension itself and strip its threads from moving the handle bars while riding.  The immediate solution is to wrap them in electrical tape so they can’t move anymore. Long term, I’ll probably get rid of them and find other ways to adjust the derailer.  


Water Filter – We ended up tossing a MSR filter I’ve had for years. I put a new cartridge in it when we left Anchorage and it had performed well. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find another replacement cartridge on the road so it got tossed for the Katadyn Hiker.

Water Filter Part Two – The Katadyn filter clogged after 7 days of use and the check valve on the filter body broke. Katadyn sent a new body for us to pick up in Rawlins, WY but I would have preferred getting my money back. We are now using a Steripen Ultra.  The Steripen uses ultraviolet light to sterilize water for drinking. It’s also rechargeable and micro USB. This means we can charge it while riding. So far so good.


Photo by Elizabeth Ellis

Chain Rings – The chain rings on the Fargo are to large for the riding we are doing forcing us to mash the pedals and often walk up steep sections. We swapped out the 28 tooth chain ring for a 26 tooth in Pinedale. We may go even smaller in the future.


Tires – We haven’t had any issues with our tires. I hope I don’t jinx any future riding but I’m a true believer in riding tubeless. Each bike has nearly 4000 miles with no flats. We ride on.


Photo by Elizabeth Ellis


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