Coasting through Colorado

We pass three days in the Silverthorne area. Tyndall’s brother and his family are in the area, on vacation from Oklahoma. We hang out with the nephews and play foose ball – it’s a good change of pace. On the last day, we visit the market. Peaches from the Grand Junction area are on sale and I fill my frame bag.


Under a sky heavy with rain we climb Boreas Pass, leaving the hubbub of Breckenridge behind. It’s a railroad grade all the way, this is easy I think. At the top, the landscape opens up and we drop down through red rocks and aspen, towards South Park.



Como is only 20 miles down the trail, but there are no multi million dollar houses here – only cabins with no running water. We camp between an abandoned swing set and an old school house.



Photo by Tyndall Ellis.


Across the open expanse of South Park we go, stopping at the fire station for water, and in Hartsel for lunch. We ride a bit of paved road, and it’s heavy with holiday weekend traffic.

The road winds up towards the Watershed Divide. We camp at the top and listen to elk bugle in the night.


In the morning we coast into Salida, riding some singletrack on the way. Everything is sharp and prickly here. I try not to fall.



6 thoughts on “Coasting through Colorado

  1. Oh my gosh….what a beautiful area!!! Peace is in these photos..such openness and no fufu houses. The old school is wanting to tell it’s stories. I’m sure that there are many. Thank you for the update. Good times /w family. BIG HUG!!!

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