Out of Colorado

We met Jane, Joan and Nora on the Divide in Canada, and later in Montana. We hear from Adam that Jane lives in Salida, and that she has invited us to stay with her. The invite comes complete with an offer of lasagna. We’re in.

After two nights, we pull ourselves away and head for Marshall Pass. The sun is out and sweat drips down into my eyes. This seems to be a recurring problem for me.


Marshall Pass is another old railroad grade, and so is “gentle”. From the top, we coast down towards Sargents. There’s not much to see here, except an army convoy filling up on gas.


Sleeping near Carnero Pass, the only thing that wakes me are coyotes. They must have found something good. There’s no moon and the stars are bright.


Before dropping into Del Norte, the trail winds through what the map calls Elephant Rocks. People are living off the grid out here in school buses with cisterns and solar panels.


Del Norte is quiet on a Saturday, but we use the gas station wifi to plan our time in New Mexico. A quart of OJ and a six pack of beer replenish calories lost. Dehydrated mole spices things up.  Amanda camps with us at the town park. In the morning we all head for Indiana Pass.




Eventually we reach the top.


In my excitement to bomb down, I loose sunscreen, then chapstick, then mouthwash out of my bag. It’s a yardsale.


Platoro has baked goods and we stock up before heading on.


Photo by Tyndall Ellis.

We manage to time our ride right, and see an old steam engine chugging by on the Cumbres and Toltec Railroad.


After that, we exit Colorado for New Mexico, curious to see what the trail has in store for us.


14 thoughts on “Out of Colorado

  1. Hi Guys, I’ve been following your trip discreetly but with great interest and curiosity.
    Sweat in your eyes? use a bandana, always worked great for me. You probably need a couple of them for the long rides.


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