We arrive in Abiquiu knowing there’s time: time to slow down, time to do a few less miles each day. There hasn’t been a frost in ages and the nights are warm. For the moment, we have outrun winter.

On the recommendation of a friend, we check out Ghost Ranch. On arrival, there’s chaos. A movie is being filmed. Since it’s a Western, there are horses and cows running around everywhere. Oh, and side by sides, too. It’s almost like the National Forests. We continue on. The gardener waves us down, and soon, we’re being given armloads of fresh produce with an invitation to come back for more. I can handle this.



We find The Best Campsite Ever, and then go explore. It turns out to be a great place to stay for awhile.

Vegetables, a 24 hour library full of old, obscure books about wind energy and Permaculture that are still relevant, hiking trails.



Reluctantly, we leave, aiming for Taos. Roadside fruit stands pass by, and then we ride along the rim of the Rio Grande Gorge.




A short detour takes us to the Earthships, and then to town. A mediocre bike shop and lots of traffic has me wondering why we came, but we’re here now, so go off to explore.

From Taos, the High Road takes us to Santa Fe. We pass art galleries and vinyards with espeliered apple and pear trees.



Once in Santa Fe, the traffic slows and we take a breath. Warmshowers hosts Dennis and Patty welcome us into their home, and we make plans to eat our way through Santa Fe.


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