On Food

The simple act of preparing a meal to share is one I miss. Sure, Tyndall and I share one pot meals with eachother, but we don’t often have the opportunity to share food with others.

Poking around Santa Fe, I came across a copy of Edible, the story of local food season by season. The editorial resonates.




Alaska has numerous opportunities for foraging and growing food. Salmon, berries and mushrooms are just the tip of the iceberg. Images flash through my head of dip netting on the Copper, picking berries in the city, investigating mushrooms in the woods, finding fresh shoots and greens in the Spring on bike trails. Tied to these food memories are memories of the friends I shared these experiences with. There’s nothing that can compare, I think.

With all these thoughts floating around in my head, Tyndall and I set out for the Santa Fe farmers market. We want to put together a dinner for our Warmshowers hosts Dennis and Patty.



Bags heavy with apples, peppers, pears, tomatoes, garlic, eggplant and bread we return home. Herbs are picked from the back garden. Tyndall slices and dices while I mix and stir.

Food, wine, ideas and stories are shared and consumed.

Wild food brings people together – we gather round it.


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