Flagstaff, for awhile

We wind our way through suburbia, trying to connect to the Rim Road out of Lakeside. Gates and no trespassing signs have us taking one step forward and two steps back. I’m ready to go to Scotland, where Eloise tells me that private property isn’t really private.

Another biker zips by and points us in the right direction. Time to get out of town. The road surface alternates between dirt and lava rock. I bump along.


Past Forest Lakes the road improves. We ride through rain showers and morning thunder. A bit of unmaintained singletrack on the General Crook trail keeps us engaged.




The Rim Road intersects the Arizona Trail and we head north for Flagstaff – intrigued by the trail, not wanting to give in to the rain.



The first miles we ride are sandy and swoopy along a creek. Then we’re going down into a wash and up the other side. Along the way, the soil changes. No sand here, only sticky wet clay. I grow a few inches taller. Tyndall says his wheels have stopped turning. We peel mud off tires.


There’s a forest service road up ahead and we bail there, riding pavement the rest of the way. The AZT is not meant to be this go around.

We’re in Flagstaff, putting things together for a 24 day float down the Grand Canyon. We’ll be back on the bikes (and the blog) in late November.


6 thoughts on “Flagstaff, for awhile

  1. Hi Bikers,

    hope you find things to like in the Flagstaff area. I miss being there although love being here. Split personality. Keep up the good work via canyon, etc .

    Mary and Bud

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