Definitely not Comfy Pants

“Do you want any beans for your pillow?”

I looked at the weather forecast in Chino Valley this afternoon, noticed the over night low of 25 degrees and shrugged it off. It will be fine.

20 miles and a few hours later, it’s already below freezing and we’re wearing all our clothes, coming up with creative things to use for pillows.

We could have hitched a ride south to warmer climes, taken the train, or a more direct route. But we didn’t. We’re stubborn and easily distracted by quiet dirt roads and rugged two track.

So, here we are, wearing everything we have and stuffing our pillows with red lentils.


The coyotes yip and the moon shines down. It’s going to be a cold night. We’ll be a bit uncomfortable. The tent is strategically placed to catch the first rays of sun in the morning. We’ll be fine.


2 thoughts on “Definitely not Comfy Pants

  1. We camped about 60 miles from Flagstaff last night. 19 when we finally got up- who knows how cold over night. Two down jackets each, all the pants I own and lots of wool and we were barely warm. Did not expect to test our sleeping bag comfort ratings in the desert and not Alaska!

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