A Point Above

I wake up early in the morning and peer up at the sky. Venus is coming around into view. Soon a sliver of moon and the first rays of morning appear. Venus rolls higher into the sky. My eyes wander to the Big Dipper and the North Star low on the horizon. Both are emblematic of home. Both are on the state flag.


At home the North Star is always there. So high in the sky I have to crane my neck to see it. So high in the sky that it’s useless as a navigation device. Instead pilots turn to grid navigation as I recently learned while rafting the Grand Canyon with friends. 


Photo by Jerami Marsh (Floating the Grand Canyon at Night)

As I look at the North Star now, so low in the sky, I fear we are about to lose it. I don’t know when it will happen. Sometime in the next few months. As we ride south, it will slide North and disappear from view. The North Star, a friend since childhood, will no longer be with us.



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