South west south

We met Karl in Whitehorse in June. He and Holly are cycling to Panama. In Guerrero Negro we cross paths. Similar riding speeds and destinations have us riding together down Mex 1 for awhile. We split up from time to time, but like magnets are drawn back together again.

Santa Rosalia is an old French mining town with good ceviche and fish tacos. From there, we aim for Bahia de Conception and pass a day at Playa Escondida swimming in the sea and eating tamales.




A bit further south and we finally part ways with Karl and Holly. We go west to ride dirt roads through the mountains and they continue south.



Instead of cows, we share the mountains with goats. Goats climb rocks. Goats run down the road. Goats eat cactai. Steep grades take us up and down to San Isidro. There’s an oasis here, and flowing water.



The road goes up and over again to Comandu. A local dirt bike guide told us the road was rugged, as did the internet. We didn’t listen. A rugged double track degrades to cow trail. It’s a scenic bypass of sorts.


Camped among the cactai, we make a plan for Christmas.


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