On how to leave the Baja

One day before we leave Todos Santos I receive an email from Baja Ferries. I know enough Spanish to know the news isn’t good. The La Paz Star is broken, and our boat ride to Mazatlan has been cancelled. A phone number is provided to obtain more information.

We’re told we can take a boat to Topalabambo and then a bus through Sinoloa to Mazatlan. We can go the same day as planned, but to a different destination.

We decide to cancel our tickets and explore other options. Our Warmshowers host tells us there is a cargo ferry, but women are not allowed. We investigate flying. Another friend tells us there is another ferry she is just not sure of the name. It turns out the cargo ferry our host knows about and the “other ferry” our friend mentioned are one and the same, and they do, in fact, allow women on board. Bingo.


Only a day later than planned, we sail away from the Baja.


We sleep up on the top deck, and I watch three frigate birds ride the wind all night long.


We arrive in Mazatlan, curious to explore mainland Mexico.

For those interested, the other ferry option is TMC. They only sell tickets the day of the sailing, and you must go to their office at the port in Pichilingue to buy the ticket.


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