Time Out

It’s market day in El Quinche. We wind our way through. Anything you need, it’s here: fruit, shoe laces, clothing, hats, vegetables, street food. Tyndall only gets distracted once by a wheelbarrow full of zapotes.


We’re looking for signs of an old railroad bed, and an easy way into the city.

A ninety degree turn to the right past the market and we find it: a gentle grade heading off into the trees, and old rails sticking out here and there amongst the grass and trash.


Bridges and tunnels intact, it’s the best way to enter a city. Sometimes there’s a road, sometimes there’s a two track, and occasionally a single track. It delivers us to Puembo. Here, we meet up with Tyndall’s parents.



For the past couple weeks they have been traveling in Peru and Ecuador. This is the end of their trip. For us, it’s the beginning of our time in and around Quito. We have a few things we want to do, and a few curiosities to satisfy.

Inbetween, we fix things that have broken, stumble through conversations in Spanish and replenish calories lost.



We’ll be here for awhile before heading south again.

Where we rode: Guayllabama – El Quinche – Quito


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